Moscato D’Asti Canelli DOCG


Moscato D’Asti Canelli DOCG
Winery: L’Armangia
Region: Piemonte
Grape: Moscato D’Asti
Production Area: Castellero (Canelli) – Location name “Surì del Castlé” about 190 mts. a.s.l.
Appellation: Docg Canelli
Serving Temperature: 9 – 10°C.
Alcohol Strength: 5 – 5,5%

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Biscuits, non-creamy pastry and fruit, it combines unexpectedly but successfully with cold cuts and fermented cheeses

An ancient variety named “white Muscat of Canelli,” which has been used to make wine ever since the Roman age, and a unique wine, renowned the world over its rich aroma and festive fragrances. This very special wine is obtained by natural fermentation, has a low alcohol content, and is naturally cheerful, lively and fresh. Its history is ancient, the first written records date back to 1300, of course in Piedmont, home of choice on this super fragrant vine. Today we are going to talk mainly about Asti, the most representative DOCG of this variety, but you can find it in every part of Italy. There are several legends about White Moscato, some tell that this noble grape was already cultivated by the Greeks and it was the famous “uva apiana” of the Romans, so sweet and irresistible that all the bees were madly fond of it. Other sources ensure that Moscato came from the Middle East, and that it reached Italy with the return of the Crusaders. Rumors aside, what interests us are the organoleptic characteristics of Moscato, which made him the best-selling sparkling wine in the world. Production process: Soft pressing and vinification in a cold storage followed by fermentation and by development of effervescence in a pressure tank for 30 days or more. Aging: 2 months in the bottle

Tasting Notes:
Color: Amber Nose: Acacia flowers, Pears, Peach, Golden Apple, Lime, Pinapple, Moss and Sage Palate: Fresh and smooth with strong fruity and floral notes in the finish





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