Monte del Frà


The Monte del Frà areas are well suited to an enriched agriculture. Bordering Pre-Alps to the North and Lake Garda to the West characterise the beautiful province of Verona which represents nowadays the first viticultural geographic area in Italy. The presence of the mountains in the North mitigate the cold winds coming from Northern Europe, and the vast lake mitigate both cold winters and hot summers. The soil, rich in minerals, the morainic hills which are formed by prehistoric glaciers, the abundance of water and solar rays make this area particularly favorable.

This is the place where farmers through experience share their accumulated knowledge, technique of growing grapes and the art of winemaking thereby creating undisputed wines which have worldwide acclaim.

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The Estate

Monte del Frà Estate

Lena di Mezzo Estate

Ca’ Del Magro Vineyard

Mascarpine Vineyard

Le Palme Vineyard

Colombara Vineyard

Staffalo Vineyard

Grottino Vineyard

Bagolina Vineyard

Montegodio Vineyard

Monte Fitti Vineyard


The Path Wines along the sides of a gentle hill

The vineyards extend until the edge of the carriageway, cypresses and beech trees shade each row. A hare is running among the vineyards, while in the sky, a buzzard is hunting for its prey on the ground. A swarm of bees and a kaleidoscope of butterflies fill the air among the vineyards and on the grass. These wonders of nature are evidence of the changes Monte del Fra’ has adopted to become an increasingly sustainable winery for the environment.
Gradual reduction of synthesis of products.
Traps are set in the vineyards for sexual confusion to inhibit the growth of pests on the vines.

Careful measures are taken for biodiversity leaving open

spaces of forest between each vineyard. Drop-irrigation systems are used to avoid dispersion and the wasting of precious water. Monte del Frà does not impose anything harsh to the vines and applies the technical procedure of integrated defense. We help the vines develop immunities within the surrounding environment to find the strength to fight any illnesses and/or natural parasites. We begin at the soil level where the vine finds its nourishment. In autumn, we mineralize the soil with various seeds (using the green manure technique) and it increases its nourishment naturally where the vine finds everything it needs. In the early stages of spring, after the traps have been initially set in the vineyards for sexual confusion, we bewilder the vine moth thereby reducing the risk of reproduction and the possibility that the vine gets sick and must be treated.

During the months of maximum development of the flora,

we prune the vine rows giving the utmost attention to the useful fauna.  Consequently, the grass cutting takes place in alternating vine rows so that fauna can move and find a new shelter. Around the vineyard, the grass cutting is strictly mechanical; we never use chemical products and leave the cut grass on the ground to create new nourishment.
The vines becomes stronger, through various elements in nature. This way they can better handle the many climatic challenges they may face.
The return of wild fauna is indicative of the naturalness of our environment and how greatly improved our vineyards are under the management of the Bonomo family. Over the years, we have maintained and continued to sustain this direction, based on a summary of concrete and practical actions to first and foremost respect nature while we create our wine of the highest quality.

Monte del Frà Collection

This collection expresses all the knowledge of the Bonomo family with a meticulous selection of the different territories and identifies the “crus” expressing the highest quality and excellence of Monte del Frà. Wines acclaimed by international critics, the sum of a tradition spanning more than sixty years, the result of the meticulous search for perfection of the creation of a wine: from the work all year long in the vineyards, to the development and maturation of the grapes, to the harvest, cellar processing and aging. Wines that have changed the image of the Custoza area  showing that with passion and dedication lead to delightful results in the glass.

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