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Organic Wines in the heart of the Collio

Organic Wines in the heart of the Collio


To have obtained the organic certification 10 years later is therefore the result of a constant attention in the observation of the vineyard and of the weather conditions, in order to act promptly and in the right way, safeguarding the health of the plants. In this sense the scientific approach to the work has been fundamental, with the installation of control units in the vineyards which allowed the staff to constantly analyze data and therefore to make targeted treatments with the quantity of sulfur and copper allowed for organic certification.

The company’s project aimed at the world of organic farming and respect for nature, is completed by the use of renewable energy sources and the presence of beehives near the vineyards.

Therefore we respect Nature and preserve the balance that is created between spontaneous vegetation and agricultural cultivations: this is how we manage to enclose the fragrances of the countryside, the scents of acacia flowers and fruit, the scents of hay, the aromas of asparagus or elder, the flavor of the land where our wines are born.


The Collio, the first area of Friuli Venezia Giulia to obtain the “Denominazione di Origine Controllata” (Controlled Origin Denomination), is nestled between the Isonzo river, the Judrio river and the crown of the Julian Alps.

The quality of the wines produced is the consequence of a perfect microclimate for the development of viticulture: a mild and temperate climate, thanks to the presence of slopes that develop almost continuously, presenting large surfaces facing south. Moreover, the proximity of the Prealpi Giulie constitutes a shelter from the cold winds, while the proximity of the Adriatic coast favors the summer thermal excursions.

Appreciated in the past not only for its wines, but also for its fruit and olive oil, theater of fights during the Great War and crossed by a border after the Second World War, Collio has never surrendered. Indeed, in 1964 it was one of the first wine consortia to be established in Italy, and the first one in Friuli Venezia Giulia. His name is everywhere synonymous of high quality white wines.

In this territory are cultivated the vineyards of Gradis’ciutta winery, located in different plots of land and at different altitudes: this allows the cultivation of soils suitable for all white varieties, whether they are the indigenous ones always present, Ribolla and Friulano, or the international ones, as well as red berried varieties and the ones which prefer the Preval plain.


Ruttars Vineyards

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San Floriano del Collio Vineyards

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Gradisciutta Vineyards

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Wines from Gradisciutta Vineyard

Wines from San Floriano del Collio Vineyard

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