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La Vigna was inspired by the idea to share with the world what is believed to be the true expressions of the land goods produced by artisans who ran small farms and vineyards. These artisanal wines products carry with them the perfumes and histories of the land, a result of father to son tradition, which is still alive and important in Italy. Through La Vigna’s wines, we learn that we don’t just like wines for its name, but rather for its characteristics and sensations evoked when we drink it. This sharing of emotions and pleasures are achievable only through dedication, passion, and pure ingredients.


And more

The company was born from an idea originated by Simon.

Simon understands that due Italy’s geographic structure, it can offer a huge variety of different micro climates, as well as soil compositions and expositions. On top of that, thanks to the high number of indigenous grape varieties, more than 350, the variety of products that the country can offer is even wider.

Wine, still remaining subject to our very personal taste, can make us discover that what we like is not always the most expensive or popular choice;it is simply what we like for its characteristics, its perfume, for the sensations it creates when we drink it, and knowing the history of that wine can only increase its charm and our appreciation.

Where we decide to start...

A place we first settle down after arrival, then we have much good times to meet with many Italian Wine Producers and few Sommeliers…a story began..

Our KeyTeam

Website developer and product photographer:  Conte
Product Uploader:  Romano (Taiwan)

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Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Sunday Holiday Closed


I discover La Vigna is covering many awesome wineries and labels all around different regions in Italy. Great job.
Conte Chung
"Convallis lacinia optio! Hac morbi laboris deleniti, hymenaeos, nihil, magnis corrupti nisl dis dolores aptent eveniet nostrud eu"
Susan Wong
"Semper laboris possimus, molestiae, anim ornare? Molestie! Dictumst scelerisque error, autem leo. Autem integer diamlorem"
Sam George
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