Antieri Susumaniello Salento IGT


Antieri Susumaniello Salento IGT
Winery: Schola Sarmenti
Region: Puglia
Grape: Susumaniello
Production Area: Nardò (Lecce Province)
Appellation: IGT
Serving Temperature: 14° – 18° C.
Alcohol Strength: 15 %

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Lasagna, pasta with meat sauce, seasoned cheeses, grilled meat

Susumaniello is an Italian red wine that is synonymous with the region of Puglia’s contemporary winemaking. Susumaniello wine is born using a rigorously local varietal (autoctono in Italian) that has been cultivated for centuries. Less famous than cousins Primitivo and Negroamaro, Susumaniello is experiencing a renewed season of discovery for connoisseurs, thanks to efforts from producers to restore value to traditional varieties, by resurecting a treasure that formerly was tied to making small-scale cultivation profitable.
Susumaniello it seems owes the curious name to the word somarello, or “donkey”. This type of grape is so productive during the first years to exceed every conceivable limit, just like the proverbial namesake. Sumariello nero tranformed into Susumaniello in a dialect the world’s wine enthusiasts are starting to understand.
This Italian red wine was used for blending for much of history, but an optimal Susumaniello wine in its own right is being produced due to large harvests with good levels of acidity. On the vine, it grows in classic long, pyramid shaped clusters.
VINIFICATION: The grapes once they arrive to the Winery, they are further selected using an advanced sorting table.
Aging 12 months in medium-toasted French oaks tonneaux.
Organoleptic description: A dry red wine.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Deep ruby red color
Nose: The nose reveals good personality with intense, clean, pleasing, refined and elegant aromas which start with hints of black cherry and blackberry followed by good aromas of blueberry, plum, black currant, tobacco, violet, licorice, vanilla and hints of chocolate and menthol.
Palate: In the mouth has good correspondence to the nose, a slightly tannic attack and however balanced by alcohol, full body, intense flavors, good tannins, pleasant. The finish is very persistent with flavors of blackberry, plum and black cherry





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