Pinot Nero DOC


Pinot Nero DOC
Winery: Castel Sallegg
Region: Trentino Alto Adige
Grape: Pinot Nero
Production Area: Leisenpuiten: 500 mts. above the sea level. Sandy loam with excellent water retention.
Appellation: DOC
Serving Temperature: 16°C.
Alcohol Strength: 14% by vol

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Exquisite served with poultry, dark meat dishes and mild and tasty cheeses.

Grapes difficult to grow and vinify, Pinot Noir – in the best cases – nevertheless manages to produce exceptional wines. If it is true that young wines produced with this grape tend to have “simple” aromas of red berries – cherry, raspberry, strawberry and plum over all – over time they acquire very complex and pleasant organoleptic qualities of chocolate, game, dried plum, truffle and sometimes also smoked notes. However, Pinot Noir is a grape that does not give much when it is grown in areas with poor climate or with questionable quality criteria. This is the primary factor that perplexes wine lovers and those who do not like this grape. The difference between the great Pinot Nero and the mediocre ones is in fact remarkable and the taste of a low quality Pinot Noir is certainly not exhilarating, also due to the fact that the typical tricks of the cellar used to make a better wine than it is, they do not help much. Production process: Controlled fermentation in stainless steel for 15 days at minimum 28°C with subsequent malolactic fermentation Aging: 12 months in French Tonneaux

Tasting Notes:
Color: Medium Ruby Red with Garnet hues Nose: Typically clean aroma with a mildly earthy notes, Red Berries, Cherry, Strawberry, Elderberry, Plum, Blackberry, Violet, Rose, Vanilla, Liquorice, Cocoa and Tobacco Palate: Balanced and medium-bodied. Fresh, tannic and lingering finish.





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