Critera Rosso Salento IGT


Critera Rosso Salento IGT
Winery: Schola Sarmenti
Region: Puglia
Grape: 100% Primitivo
Production Area: Nardò (Lecce)
Appellation: IGT
Serving Temperature: 14° – 18° C.
Alcohol Strength: 13,5%

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Pasta with meat sauce, grilled red and white meats, meats with mushrooms sauces.

This variety owes its name to its early ripening; Primitivo comes from the Latin “primativus” and Old Italian “primaticcio” (both meaning “first to ripen” or “early ripening”). All the growth stages of this variety from flowering to colour change are early, and it is one of the first grape varieties to be harvested in Italy: in Puglia, its main area in Italy, this means August. In the second half of the eighteenth century it was a monk from Gioia del Colle with a passion for botany, Filippo Francesco Indellicati, who was the first to give the variety its Latin-derived name connected with its early ripening. Before this the variety was known by other names, such as Zagarese (presumably referring to Zagreb in Croatia), and other varieties in Italy had similar names. Vinification: The grapes once they arrive to the Winery, they are further selected using an advanced sorting table. Aging in stainless steel with controlled temperature. Organoleptic description: A dry red wine.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Ruby red color Nose: Genuine aromas typical of this precious grape, hints of black cherry, raspberry, blueberry, plum, violet and carobs Flavor: A full taste with reference to its terroir, reminding ripe pulp. Pleasantly fresh, this wine gives off lots of lively tannins with a long heady finish.





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