Calmaggiore Prosecco DOC TREVISO Extra Dry


Calmaggiore Prosecco DOC TREVISO Extra Dry

Calmaggiore TREVISO Extra Dry
Winery: Masottina
Region: Veneto
Grape: 100% Glera
Residual sugar: 14 g/l
Appellation: DOC
Serving Temperature: 6-8° C.
Alcohol Strength: 11% by vol.

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Calmaggiore Prosecco DOC TREVISO Extra Dry

Soft and subtle in its elegant refinement, this Prosecco wine is a specimen of the most popular type, in which the sugar content exalts aromatic complexity. The extra fine, lingering perlage is genteel and gracious, underlining a soave palate and beautifully balanced fruity, floral nose.

Harvest: September.

by gravity method. Off the skins, i.e. white vinification, at a controlled temperature of 15°C -18°C; prise de mousse and maturation on the yeasts normally take place for a month in pressure tanks, on selected yeasts, at a temperature of 14 – 13°C. The wine is aged for approximately one month before distribution.

Tasting notes:
the colour is a delicate straw yellow, with fine, lingering perlage. Intense but refined, on the nose strong scents typical of the variety, including apples, apricots and white melons; to which are added the fresh, citrus notes of limes, lemons and pink grapefruit. In the mouth, hints of fresh fruit are in tune with the fragrance. The finish is soft, harmonious and elegant.





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