Collio Friulano Bio


Collio Friulano Bio
Winery: Gradis’ciutta
Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Grape: Friulano
Serving Temperature: 8-10 °C

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Ideal temperature
8-10 °C

Wine variety
Obtained 100% from Tocai friulano grape: the white wine of Collio maybe the most representative and renowned one, but since 2007 it had to give up the name in favor of Hungary, changing it in Friulano. Mentioned for the first time in the dowry agreement of 1632 of Aurora Formentini, a noblewoman of San Floriano, who brought her husband “vitti di Toccai… 300”, three centuries later (1933) Ernesto Massi wrote “the current direction of viticulture in Gorizia tends to favor fine white grapes, such as Tocai”. It has always been present in the company, being one of the native varieties of the area.

Its vineyards are located in Zavognza, Ruttars and Dolgi Breg at an altitude from 120 to 180 meters above sea level in the typical soils called “ponca”.

Farming system
Cultivated with guyot system.

Obtained by soft pressing of grapes macerated for 24-48 hours at low temperatures. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperatures. This is followed by conservation “sur lie” until bottling.

The color is straw yellow, bright and brilliant, with citrine reflections.

Intense and persistent with distinct hints of hay, almond and dried yellow flowers, closing with the memory of ripe golden apple.

A smooth wine, but with a well balanced sapidity, which guarantees a pleasant drink, with an elegant bitterish aftertaste and an almond aftertaste.

Serving Temperature
It should be served cold, around 8 – 10° C, as this is how you can capture all its fragrance.

A wine for aperitifs, appetizers, prosciutto crudo di San Daniele and various cold cuts, soups and dry first courses. It is also a perfect match for Montasio cheese and goes well with baked or marinated fish dishes.




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