Winery: Donnachiara Srl
Region: Beneventano
Grape: Falanghina 100%
Production Area: Taburno
Appellation: IGT
Serving Temperature: 52 – 57°F

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Pressing of grapes that are cooled quickly to 50°F for 4-6 hours. Soft crushing grapes with static decantation. Fermentation at 57-60°F in steel vats for 15 days. Malolactic fermentation is not done.

This Falanghina grapes come from the heart of Taburno territory.

For the production of Resilienza – Falanghina del Beneventano IGT, only the best grapes from the most suitable vineyards are used. In this regard, a careful selection of the grapes and the harvest is made, which is strictly manual and takes place in the coolest hours of the day.

The grapes in the cellar are subjected to a cryomaceration treatment at a temperature of 6-8 °C in order to preserve their aromas, prevent oxidation and enhance the typical characteristics of the variety.

The soft pressing takes place through the use of a pneumatic press, the alcoholic fermentation entirely carried out in steel fermenters using selected leavened products at a temperature of 14-16 °C for 15 days. Malolactic fermentation is not carried out and refinement takes place in the bottle for many months.

The notes of our winemaker Riccardo Cotarella
“Falanghina is a vine not very well understood in the past, but thanks to climate changes it has exploded in all its flavours , in all its aromas, in all its grandeur. It is a vine that can be recognized by its bouquet, without putting your nose in the glass. It is extremely rich and lively, even from a meter away it remains deep and dynamic.

Resilience – Falanghina del Beneventano IGT is a Falanghina released on the market a year later, logically Falanghina maintains, beyond what was thought, at least this one from Donnachiara , a unique aging potential. I would say that it is among the white wines that age best , I had the opportunity to taste 7 or 8 year old Falanghina wines and I must say that it is an incredible surprise.

In some ways Falanghina can be compared, not so much in aromas and characteristics, but in aging potential, to the classic Verdicchio di Jesi.

It is a complex, rich, full-bodied wine , which we left to refine on the fine lees and which aged in the bottle for a year. It pairs perfectly with any meal, but prefer first courses, starters, fish rather than pasta without tomatoes, it is an excellent wine”

Classification: Beneventano Falanghina IGT “Resilenza”
Grapes: Falanghina 100%
Soil characteristics: Clayey, calcareous
Cultivation system: Guyot
Harvest period: First ten days of October
Production: 60q/ha
Colour: Straw yellow
Aroma: On the nose it presents a rich range of olfactory sensations ranging from apricot to pineapple, from vegetal to vanilla sensations.
Taste: The taste is overbearing, rich, soft, and pine, with an excellent and long taste-olfactory persistence.
Serving temperature: 12 – 14°C
Pairings: Wine suitable for elaborate dishes. It also goes well with white meats and medium-aged cheeses.






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