ON’I Otellon’ice Lambrusco IGT


ON’I Otellon’ice Lambrusco IGT
Winery: Ceci
Region: Emilia Romagna
Grape: Lambrusco Maestri
Production Area: Torrile (Parma province) 0 -350 mts. above sea level
Appellation: IGT
Serving Temperature: Recommended on the rock (with ice)
Alcohol Strength: 11,5%

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ON’I is recommended as aperitif perfect for “happy hour” or to drink during the Summer evenings with friends

Cantine Ceci was founded by Otello Ceci, a tavern keeper in what is known as the “bassa parmense,” a stretch of low-lying land that runs from the Via Emilia — the historic road that traverses downtown Parma — to the Po River to the north of the city. From the outset, the winery has been a leader and visionary in the world of Italian wine. It all began in 1938 in Otello’ s trattoria, where guests enjoyed the best tripe in Parma province and where he sold the Lambrusco that he made from grapes he would buy from local farmers. His sons Giovanni and Bruno were still children. But they already knew how excited their father would become when it was time to press the grapes during the harvest. It didn’t take long before they closed their restaurant, launched Cantine Ceci, and set out on their adventure in the world of wine. Production process: A soft pressing of Lambrusco grapes produces must on Lambrusco skins rich in color. The following maceration transfer the color, the taste and aroma to the juice, which becomes wine after temperature controlled fermentation phase. After comes a period of setting until December/January to allow a natural cleaning from all impurities. The wine is than stored in temperature controlled, constant pressure steel tanks up to two months. During this period, the second fermentation gives to Otello its typical sparkling characteristic.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Dark purple red with Violet hints Nose: Hints of Black Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Violet, Strawberry, Blackberry, Plum and Geranium flowers. Palate: Balanced from the alcohol. Good body and intense flavors with notes of Black Cherry, Strawberry and Blueberry on the finish





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