Lagrein DOC


Lagrein DOC
Winery: Castel Sallegg
Region: Alto Adige
Grape: Lagrein – various clones
Production Area: Kaltern – St. Josef at Lago di Caldaro
Appellation: DOC
Serving Temperature: 18°C.
Alcohol Strength: 13%

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Game, Roasted Pork, Roasted Veal, Smoked Ham, Stuffed Turkey, Stewed Goat with plums sauce, Goulash

Lagrein has been known in South Tyrol since 1300 and there are two distinct biotypes – short-clustered Lagrein and long-clustered Lagrein – both used for the production of both the Dunkel and Kretzer styles. The name Lagrein probably comes from Lagara, a colony of Magna Graecia in the territory where today is located the Basilicata region, famous for the Lagaritanos wine. Genetic research carried out on this grape would also suggest that Lagrein has similarities with Teroldego, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Syrah. Thanks to its characteristics, Lagrein can also be vinified in rosé, producing interesting wines with pleasant freshness and an interesting olfactory profile. The majority of Lagrein is however vinified in red – and in this case the term “Dunkel” can be found on the label – obtaining wines of great structure and pleasant freshness. Thanks to the good content of coloring substances, the Lagrein Dunkel is also characterized by intense and dark colors, often impenetrable to light. Production process: Controlled fermentation for about 2 weeks, followed by malolactic fermentation. Gentle pigeage extracts coloring and flavoring agents from the skins Aging: 18 months in French Tonneaux

Tasting Notes:
Color: Deep Crimson color with violet hues and black core Nose: A wine with character and seductive fragrances of ripe Black Currant, Elderberry and Liquorice, complemented by herbal notes of Eucalyptus leaves, Violet, Plum, Blackberry,





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