Nerio DOC


Nerio DOC
Winery: Schola Sarmenti
Region: Puglia
Grape: 80% Negroamaro – 20% Malvasia Nera
Production Area: Nardò (Lecce)
Appellation: DOC
Serving Temperature: 16° – 18° C.
Alcohol Strength: 14%

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Grilled red meat, seasoned cheeses, beef fillet in green pepper sauce, roasted meats

Every plant represents a challenge that inflames the soul. From the strong and luxuriant younger plants which give fresh and fruity wines to the older ones, expression of stories of hands and stories of love. In June, when sun warms air, expert farmers prune and thin out bunches of grapes, leaving just few ones on the plants. Green pruning is an old technique sacrificing quantity for a quality which will be both the pride of all efforts and the soul of our great wines. We work with passion and patience to grow our vineyards in a natural way, without using any chemical fertilizers or weed killers, respecting the natural cycle of the plants as well as all life of the land and soil, which we lovingly feed with organic fertilizers only. All our vineyards – in fact – are grown with organic methods; they are surrounded by hedges and trees, just a small step away from the sea, in a healthy, natural environment. Vinification: The grapes once they arrive to the Winery, they are further selected using an advanced sorting table. Aging 8 months in a medium-toasted French oak tonneaux and 6 months in bottle. Organoleptic description: A dry red wine.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Light ruby red with purple shade color Nose: Ripe fruit notes, such as black cherries (both fresh and under spirits), plums, blackberry, violet, carobs, vanilla and tobacco Flavor: Aromatic, it softly envelopes your mouth showing overripe fruits and leaving an absolute agreeable aftertaste. A wine that surprise at every sip and everybody would like to drink.





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