Ancient lands of stories and wines

In a land of ancient civilization – full of art and history, which the landscape characterizes with oaks, chestnut trees, olive trees, pines, vineyards, among hills dotted with cypresses – flourished in Florence in 1290, from the branch of an ancient Tuscan family, three Ridolfi families. One of them – the Ridolfi di Borgo – originated the Sienese branch so called “from the Contrada”, where it had its possessions.

For centuries, priors, gonfaloniers and illustrious personalities stand out under his aegis. Today that same coat of arms shines on the labels of a large winery.

Two estates – Ridolfi in Montalcino and Tenuta Rocchetto in Larciano – over 54 hectares of land, of which 21 are planted with vineyards. It is a tenacious pursuit of excellence, a legacy of a noble Tuscan taste that has been handed down intact throughout history.


Precious red from the heart of Tuscany

Ridolfi wines are the product of a passion and a spirit that have united stories and generations,
today successfully carried out by the Peretti family who have made these principles their own.

The passion for wine, a gift of nature that becomes value in the hands of man. To be grown and preserved, because only the purity of its qualities can restore the fullness of scents, colors and tastes.

The spirit of determination, of a company that is severe in its choices and methods, in many phases that are still strictly manual. Demanding and ambitious in its objectives: to express the uniqueness of this land and leave a sign of its uniqueness in the glasses of the world.

- Ridolfi estate -

The company is located in the “Mercatali” locality, which in the fifth and sixth centuries was the center of a large annual market. One of the farm houses still retains a three-storey part in stone and tuff from that era.

It stands on the slope of a hill, 300 meters above sea level, close to the famous Strada del Brunello: in the heart of Tuscany, 30 hectares of land, of which 11.4 are vineyards for Brunello, 6.5Ha in Chianti Colli Senesi and 1Ha in Rosso di Montalcino, as well as 700 olive trees, exclusively from the Correggiolo variety. 

All Ridolfi vineyards are located on the north-east side of the Montalcino hill. Mostly clones from great aging. The over 15-year-old vines are trained with spurred cordon, by means of two-bud pruning with four croissants. The vineyards planted after 2013 are instead trained with simple Guyot. Three thinning of the bunches are carried out during the season: at setting, at veraison and at the end of ripening. The bunches of the last thinning are used for the production of Rosé Brut. 

- Rocchetto estate -

Rocchetto is an organic estate developed in the center of Tuscany – at an altitude between 60 and 200 meters – in the Chianti DOCG area and extends over 22 hectares of agricultural land, 5 of which are vineyards and 11 are olive trees.

Thanks to the peculiar morphology of the territory, since ancient times these areas have seen the development of vines with results of absolute excellence.

A vocation that the company has been able to express well by enhancing the typicality of these plants, through careful work in the vineyard and the choice of divided harvests for each single parcel, evaluating the type of soil, the exposure and the degree of ripeness.

- Cellar -


The new that reinvents nothing but

exalts and rediscovers everything

- Wines -

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