Trebbiano Spoletino DOC


Trebbiano Spoletino DOC
Winery: Le Cimate
Region: Umbria
Grape: Trebbiano Spoletino
Production Area: Montefalco (Perugia)
Appellation: DOC
Serving Temperature: 10°C.
Alcohol Strength: 13,5%

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Recommended with grilled fish and flavored cheeses.

Our winery born in 2011 by the desire of Paolo Bartoloni to start a new adventure, following the old traditional passion for the vines, that Bartoloni family cultivated by the 1800. “LE CIMATE” is situated in one of the most suggestive locations at the heart of Umbria – Montefalco. The cantina can be found in the middle of 28 hectares of land that were purchased by the Bartoloni family in 1993 from the Diocese of Spoleto. This site includes the property where the Curate of Casale resided. The family has specialized in agriculture since 1800 and owns a total of 184 hectares of land, of which 108 hectares are used for grain produce, 15 hectares for the hazelnut ,15 hectares for DOP olive groves and 23 hectares cultivate DOCG vines. Situated on a splendid hill top with a 360 degree panorama view of on one side the Monti Martani mountains and on the other side the city of Montefalco, the cantina ‘Le Cimate’, surrounded by its suggestive vines, has been constructed on the site of an existing building and takes the name of the actual location Production process: After crushing and de-stemming, the grapes are moved into an industrial wine cooler to lower the temperature to 10-12°C. It then undergoes a brief maceration process for 18 hours. After pressing, the must is left to ferment for 20 days at a fixed temperature of 14°C. Before the wine is cleared and stabilized it undergoes a cooling process of -4°C for a duration of 5 days.. Aging: In Stainless Steel tanks 6 moths Refining: 6 months in bottle

Tasting Notes:
Color: Straw yellow with gold hues Nose: Hawthorn, Broom, Medlar, Green Apple, Pear, Yellow Plum, Peach, Pinapple, Grapefruit, Vanilla Palate: Well balance and long finish with citrus taste.





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