Vinudilice Spumante Rosato


Vinudilice Spumante Rosato
Winery: I Vigneri
Region: Sicily
Grape: Granache, Minnella Nera, Grecanico, Minnella Bianca and other vines
Production Area: Locality Nave in the municipality of Bronte (CT)
Appellation: VSQ
Serving Temperature: 8° – 10° C.
Alcohol Strength: 12%

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It can accompany both fish and white meats. Perfect with stewed grouper.

VINUDILICE is a rosé that arises directly from the vineyard itself. This wine a blend of the white and red grapes that grow there, harvested and vinified together. Vineyard cultivation is done by hand and with a Mule, using natural products. Biotechnologies are not used in winemaking. Transfer and bottling are carried out according to the phases of the moon. In vintages in which the wine, due to weather conditions, does not naturally reach an alcohol content of 11%, we produce a sparkling version using metodo classico with bottle fermentation on the yeasts for at least 17 months. VignaBosco is the only vineyard in the area, located in a wild, uncontaminated part of Mt. Etna, rich in biodiversity. At least ten different grape varieties, white and red, have coexist for over a hundred years together. Vinudilice takes its name from the extensive oak forest surrounding the vineyard. In Latin the holm oak is called Quercus Ilex, or Ilice in Sicilian. The word Vinudilice means Wine of the Lecci, or the wine of the holm oak forest. Winemaking: Direct pressing of whole grapes with static and natural settling of the must for about 30 hours Yeast: Addition of selected autochthonous yeasts Duration of alcoholic fermentation: 16 days Refining: in steel tanks for 5 months Filtration: only during bottling Clarification: natural settling Number of rackings: 3 Addition of sulphur dioxide: NO Average total acidity, grams per litre: 8.5 g/l Average pH: 2.95 Total sulphur in the newly bottled wine on average: 25 (mg/l) Bottling: in the month of May, following the harvest.

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Pale red with fine and persistent perlage. Nose: Recalls the small and fragrant red berry fruits, such as wild strawberry, raspberry, red currant and is characterized by hints of hazelnut and mineral nuances. Palate: In the mouth it is well balanced, fresh and pleasantly tannic, fruity on the finish.





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