Militum Christi Aglianico del Molise DOC


Militum Christi Aglianico del Molise DOC
Winery: Cianfagna
Region: Molise
Grape: Aglianico del Molise
Production Area: Acquaviva Collecroce (Campobasso)
Appellation: D.O.C.
Serving Temperature: 18-20°C.
Alcohol Strength: 14,5%

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It goes well with important first courses, red meat and good succulence, Florentine, or aged cheeses and salami. The memory that remains is a warm and harmonious emotion.

MILITUM CHRISTI wine is born from Vincenzo’s passion for Aglianico but in a completely original version. Produced from pure Aglianico grapes, it comes in bottles only as a reserve. It is a wine for “amateurs”, challenging already by its appearance, it immediately wins you with the bordelaise with important shoulders, its label is refined and elegant … a gold-colored Templar seal, of aluminum in relief, and a golden plate always in aluminum relief that highlights the imposing name of the wine: MILITUM CHRISTI that in Latin means the militia of Christ, the seal has Templar origins and depicts two men on a horse, evidently, concerning an army of Christians, symbolizes their very nature Among the many interpretations of the Seal it show two armed knights on the back of a horse to represent the spirit of brotherhood and poverty that had distinguished the Order. On a deeper level it symbolizes the duplicity concerning the nature of the Order, monastic and warrior. This seal has become another very important symbol of the company for the duplicity in the work of the earth, a deep feeling of “love and sacrifice” Production process: It has a steel refinement of at least 24 months, 6/8 months in French tonneaux and French barriques, refining in bottle for 12/18 months

Tasting Notes:
Color: Beautiful intense and dark ruby red with violet nuances. Nose: Black Cherry, Blackberry, Plum, Raspberry, Menthol (Balsamic), Cinchona, Hawthorn and Vanilla. Palate: At the opening of the bottle: the color is a beautiful intense and lively ruby red, tending to purple even after 4/5 years of aging. The scent that is immediately evident is that of the cherries in spirit, then gradually grow and multiply the sensations that come from the fruits and flowers and spices, with a delicate but evident note of vanilla on the final that comes from the aging in French tonneaux.





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